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"Through the memories, stories and scholarship his spirit and energy lives on. His presences will be felt in the water, in the sun and in good times in kayaks."
Carmen Kuntz

Right: Angela Baca, Scholarship Winner 2015 - Photo: Seth Ashworth

What is the Juanito de Ugarte Scholarship?


The Juanito de Ugarte Scholarship is a sports development program that seeks to support, spread and encourage the practice of whitewater kayaking among adolescent children in Peru and Latin America.


During our program, we train and support children to achieve their personal and sporting goals.


We instill and reinforce good values, the enjoyment of rivers and nature, in order to raise awareness and generate a culture of conservation, as well as to achieve positive responses aimed at improving the quality of life and health of our participants.


We generate the right space with professional coaches so that participants can practice and enjoy sports with proper supervision and safety.


We promote the participation of Latin American countries in order to build a united community of young kayakers in Peru and Latin America.

Left: Photo extracted from video by Tino Specht | Nomade Media

Top: Mat Dumoulin, Clay Wright, Lorenzo Vellutino, Stephen Wright & Anna Bruno at the Keeners Program in Ottawa - Canada, 2016 Scholarship.


Right: José Antonio Aguilar (PER), Sandra de Ugarte, Tamara de Ugarte (PER), Yanua Soldevila (PER) and Tomás Efrón (ARG) on the Urubamba River during the 2017 Scholarship.




The Juanito de Ugarte Memorial Scholarship (JDUMS) was born a few months after the death of the Peruvian athlete Juan "Juanito" de Ugarte. His friends and family were inspired and motivated by the teachings, values and healthy lifestyle left by Juanito and decided to undertake this initiative to pass on his legacy to future Peruvian generations.


The first and second year the Scholarship was developed under a modality in which the child applied by sending through a video evaluated by a jury of international kayakers who selected a winner. The Scholarship’s recipient undertook a three-week trip to Ottawa (Ontario) to attend a session of OKS Keeners program. Juanito was part of this outstanding team of coaches the last two years of his life. The trip has been financed by the JDU Memorial Scholarship through auctions and sale of kayaking products and donations from companies and people across the globe.

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