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How to apply?



  1. Fill out the electronic application form.

  2. We will contact you to send you the final documents.

  3. Within the final documents, you will find the requirements for the creation of the presentation video.

  4. Send the final documents and link the video to

  5. Deadline for sending files and videos: Tuesday 31 July 2018.


Who can apply for the 2018 program?




  • Age: between 12 and 17 years old

  • Peruvian or Latin American nationality*

  • Know how to swim.

  • Be active in the community of whitewater kayakers

  • Have a positive attitude towards life and the environment

  • Have a solid role in the river


Have three weeks of availability on the dates outlined. (4th-24th, October 2018)



* All applicants must cover the cost of getting to Cusco City, Peru. They must be in Cusco no later than October 3rd, 2018. Latin American applicants must have a valid passport.


Note: Take into account that the objective of this program is to educate and guide the adolescent children towards a healthy, conscious life, with environmental responsibility via an intense sport and communal experience. If any parent has concerns or inquiries, these will be the answered appropriately by the program managers and instructors.

Photo: Tomás Efron (ARG) on the Urubamba River, Beca 2017

"One of his big dreams was to open a kayaking school in Peru and hopefully bring up a Peruvian World Champion."
Sandra de Ugarte​
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