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At the end of 2016, the directors decided to modify the 2017 JDU Memorial Scholarship and committed to a program that impacts a wider group of children in Peru and Latin America. Our program was super successful! We inspired and adapted the program of Keeners to a curriculum to be deployed in the rivers of the southeastern zone of Peru. This 2018 we will have a very similar program to the one of 2017!


Creating awareness and learning of how to paddle, care and maintain an ecologically responsible life will be reinforced and highlighted during the program. Our aim is to unite and build a community of young kayakers in Peru. They will learn how to paddle their rivers and learn more precise techniques applied to these specific circuits. That way we will not only be impacting the life of a group of teenagers but directly or indirectly they will be supporting conservation and eco-friendly projects of their country.




4th-24th October 2018

Program Duration: 3 weeks


YACA  (4th-9th October)

Pachachaca River

Sections: Yaca and Chalhuanca

PILCOPATA (9th-17th October)

Rivers of the area

Sections: to be defined.

Camp: to be defined.


LAMAY (18th October)

Rest day.

APURIMAC (19th-23rd October)

Apurimac River

Black Canyon Section Rocoto Bridge - Hualpachaca Bridge


  • Expedition trip.

  • Camps at the riverbanks.


LAMAY (24th October)

Graduation ceremony

"Juan taught the kids he worked with to evaluate risk and make good decisions, and to be conservative and safe. How to respect the river- and to find joy in every day on or off the water."
Anna Bruno​
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